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Brioche revisited

Sometimes when I go at things, I approach them sideways, the implication of my thinking being, “the rules don’t apply to me”. That was the way it was when I first tried brioche knitting. I jumped in with my first attempted project being two color brioche in the round. That was a big mistake! The remnants of that first attempt remain in a project bag that was put in long term time out a few years ago.

With the new year I am making a fresh run at a brioche hat knit in the round. My best advice is, “You can learn anything from watching you tube videos”. My downfall with brioche in the round was how do you do the join? I just never got it right, or if I did I think it was by accident.

I found my answer here.
Moving right along

I will keep working on this and look forward to sharing photos of my first completed brioche hat.

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